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Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 7:02 AM ET on March 16, 2023

Under the latest (though soon reformed) “theory of money” operating in our life times, banks in The System can easily make money in great quantities. Massive quantities; even more than they did in prior times (which were collateral based, and lucrative). Their former theories of money tapped into early-stage central banking/re-insurance models invented by Sir Isaac Newton; no doubt to the benefit of the crown.

Back in the day, using written ledgers they formed pools of capital in the form of vaulted specie. They organized carefully controlled secret networks of capital. They implemented amazingly crafted banking and trading models that worked to great advantage, managing risks in an unsafe world. They used interconnections of newly organized corporations (of the crown) and the landed nobility of Europe to generate massive wealth. With Europe sucking gold and silver out of the New World for three hundred years, and creating slave-labor colonies, they multiplied their wealth even more and created a broad mega-rich mercantile class. Eventually forming strong alliances with secretive European banking families (including the “Vipers of Venice” and the precursors of the Italian mafia), they kept their gig going for a long time.

We have seen that wealth has a way of generating even greater wealth. It has had a way of influencing laws that benefit the wealthy at the expense of the working classes. At its worst, it has had a way of fomenting wars, insurrections, and the production of the implements of war…for financial gain.

The latest “new theory of money” really kicked it up two or three notches once mainframe computers came into use in the 1950s and 1960s. The system then got some really heavy doses of financial “cocaine”; and this was followed soon thereafter by daily and perpetual steroid injections for optimal performance. The treasury bonds were easier to release and sell at auction. Financial transactions and loans were democratized as never before, there was a groundswell of personal debts and mortgages becoming the new reality.

Last but never least, credit cards became available to virtually any adult in modern society. It was very wise at the time to understand how human nature would see people respond to credit they had never had before. Initial rates of interest were in the 9% to 12% range (violating usury laws that they soon enough got changed). Rates steadily increased and today can reach into the high 20%s these days, if one is not careful. Starting as a G20 concept, credit card usage eventually and by degrees went global. Few truly realize how much money is generated from credit cards each year. Just think about it.

The core modern art of usury has steadily morphed into something else entirely. You see, modern banks make money by simply saying “Yes”. That’s right; and it happens when somebody asks for a loan. That’s it. It doesn’t cost much to just say “Yes”. And, once you the banker are convinced that the borrower will pay the loan back.Thus, the lender gets back real money,as you pay, even though you the borrower are actually provided only with a “digital” entry (a representation of money). We all have studied the way fractional banking works. The old Babylonian concepts were foundational; but modern banking has made science and art come together in sheer brilliance. Right. But it boils down to the fact that the act of arranging a digital entry of a loan amount in millions of accounts has a risky side to it. Just understand the profitable dynamics in the extreme of the banker putting almost nothing in but air, and then getting back the loaned amount as real money, plus interest. This is why it is all sometimes referred to as a debt slavery model. Sure, you could pay cash for everything, and they get nothing out of you. But the person has to live within a larger context where debt is considered completely normal. And less than 20% will take the all cash approach. We have been victims of our own sheepledom, and it is painfully obvious that lots of people can’t manage debt very well.

So, “they” the financial wizards make lots of money, on top of money, all the time, which means they can then invest money and make even more money. Imagine tapping a computer screen window with your finder that activates a “loan approved” entry. It takes them 5 seconds of effort, and they for that 5 seconds as lender get to receive back months and sometimes years of regular “real money” payments that are generated by your hard work, your time, your suffering, and your enterprise. Alarm clock rings, time to get up at 6:30 AM so you can be at work by 8:00. Grab a quick biscuit at McDonald’s on the way. Now, imagine a gigantic G20 or even G40 workforce of scores upon scores of working millions sending you part of their paychecks every month. And all you had to do was simply say “yes” and then tap that computer screen.


Of course, this is all an over-simplification because there are positive organizational aspects of the banking system. Yes, that’s right. They do provide a valuable service to humanity. In fact, the banking system is a repository for money; they keep up with ALL of eveyone’s accounts. Major expense. The worldwide network of ATMs provides access to cash at random times, even when the bank is closed. Major expense. In fact, there are a multiplicity of services provided by modern banking. It is not all magically evil. It further provides for the networking of money in a global system; it facilitates purchases and acquisition of services; it provides access to capital for companies and small businesses to use daily and weekly. In other words, banking is no different than a shovel. The shovel is a tool and has usefulness to someone who needs it. However, a shovel in the hands of a criminal or a madman can become a weapon. That is why banking must now move to its “proper” place as a tool to be utilized by humanity.

And now, since there has always been the temptation to range outside the bounds of ethics, they will be forced like unruly children to abide by constraining agreements as in the example of globally effective Basel 2,3,4..and pick a larger number. And, since they would of course figure out ways around all of that, the new QFS System will force them by AI to abide by all agreements. The QFS will KNOW in less than a minute if a violation has occurred; and, enforcement will soon arrive with a warrant or a court order. The fine comes later and gets published.

Banking in the future will retain its utility, and demonstrate a reformed service orientation. As a SERVICE industry its income and profits will be commensurate with the level of actual service it provides to humanity. It can be predicted that it will move soon enough into a humbler tier in human affairs.

Economics as a field and the economists’ varied “theories of money” are subject to evolution and improvement. And just like all legitimate corporations and businesses must do, future banking must avoid any hint of criminality, and it must abhor any abuse of human trust. It has, I suspect, realized that the days of printing-press money via central banking models is out. yes, and a new theory of money is coming very soon to a theater near you.

And, let it ring out to the heavens that the days of making inordinately massive profits, engaging in usury, and having extra large sums with which to participate in unsavory and even criminal functions, are over. No more will banking power be allowed to influence self-serving laws or to meddle in governmental matters inordinately. And certainly, banking systems will never again unduly manipulate elections, or markets, to the detriment of the human race.

Service, yes. Power plays, no. Your cell phone is now your alternative bank. Let us see how the banks will handle the competition now emerging.

Restive Sage



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