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Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 10:07 AM ET on March 31, 2023

There are many questions ongoing that people are asking of how, when and where do we access our QFS Account, how much is in there and who can access them, but just don’t ask why as it’s there and just accept it.

In the past I have only given presumptions of what will be happening as to putting the pieces together of what others have said and my knowledge and perception of how things work and they may come out to be fact, but it is something to go on and not just wonder.

Just some info from me personally is that on Wednesday I received my SSDI benefits thru direct deposit for the month of April, yet it is not with the upcoming NESARA increase as it was the same as last month. So I will have to wait for April 28, 2023 at the earliest if NESARA happened now if there were to be an increase. Or will I have to qualify in some way to gain access to my QFS Account to receive anything as the increase can only show up in that account?

A most important question is for those that are mentally or physically disabled or incapable to handle accessing their QFS Account who will be handling that? That comes to where special guidelines need to be made of who can be the trustee for the recipient, and retirement or convalescent homes for the seniors and disabled will not have a blank check to access all those accounts.

The first group to be able to receive their NESARA monthly payments will be those from the age of 61 years and up, but that is different than those just receiving access to their QFS account as everyone that qualifies can gain access, but will you need to gain access to your QFS account to even receive your NESARA monthly payments? This may take all of April to get the seniors access first, then the next group, 41-60, in May.

Will illegal immigrants be able to receive NESARA payments in the USA or will they gain access to a QFS Account in the USA? Absolutely NOT! They will have to go back to their own country or apply for citizenship in the USA, but most likly they will be deported.

If we are in lockdown for 10-12 days and at the same time is when we are to gain access to our QFS Account and it also includes the funds now that have been mirrored from our bank accounts then what are we going to do?




What are the actual requirements to open our QFS Account? Are we to have a certified copy of our Birth Certificate from the County Records office, a good version of our Social Security card, a drivers license or DMV ID, our last employment paystub and our latest bank statements from all bank accounts? Is there anything more? A DNA sample should not be a requirement. One thing is a matching signature document and not one you just wrote this past week as clones/doubles might try to gain access.

We will just have to wait and see as there surely has to be some public announcement and not just on the EBS for us to wait and write notes when it comes up, but it could be a week to a month to receive a certified copy of our Birth Certificate from the County Records office if the people live out of state or many miles away. With that delay will people be denied access to their funds to survive?

Are those that have the bonds and currency exchanges in Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4a, and 4b going to be the first ones to gain access to their QFS Account or will everyone go at the same time?

Will there be any police or other government officials halting We The People from going into or stepping out of these QFS financial centers? They might try. If there are and you are detained or arrested for access to your own money then those officers will be paying the price of losing their job and QFS Account as they will no longer have qualified immunity to do with what they want to anyone.

I received my Certificate of Live Birth 45 years ago with the purple stamp on it for a job that required it and it should not be rejected because it was too long ago, was not a full page or it may not meet certain requirements the QFS now mandates. Luckily there was no disaster or incident of theft that had I lost it, and I do keep it in a safe place and carry around a copy if needed.

When are we to gain access if NESARA is to be announced by 1 April 2023, are we to then gain access next Monday and will it be at our present banking institution or will other QFS financial centers be opening up at malls where other businesses have shut down, and this may possibly be only 2-3 locations per a population of 50,000 people as the QFS just doesn’t have the manpower or facilities set up yet?

If our present bank account funds have been mirrored into our QFS Account will those be immediately available as they were our true funds to start with?




When we were born our Treasury Direct Account started off with the US Treasury placing $1,000,000 into it per our Birth Certificate, then it was bought and sold on the stock market as chattel, so the older you got the more money it was earning and worth, now this TDA became our QFS Account.

If you have beliefs you should not accept any of these funds as you were claimed as chattel that is up to you to reject these, but the funds are there and you have been cheated all your life by this US CORP government corruption and you deserve something. But you will need to set up some type of QFS Account as the present banking system is shutting down and you need to have your money somewhere and not just in cash.

If this is a digital system and different than your present banking system will you be able to write checks or have a cashier’s check made out? As it should not now be automatic that we go to the QFS card and doing everything on-line, as some businesses only accept checks like for your utilities or your landlord. Will you be able to deposit any checks from family, friends or businesses and will the ATMs accept them?

Will it now be that you must provide your QFS Account routing & account number to someone and not just your QFS card number to be able to do any exchanges of funds? Some people will not be able to receive a QFS Account so should they be just left out like the present homeless are now with nothing and surviving on the street?

What happens when you pass away, will your family receive anything as maybe in 5 years you received $6,000,000 from NESARA and you were somewhat wealthy where $2,000,000 was mirrored into the account this year and you continue to gain wealth, will your family receive anything that was yours to start with or during this time or will QFS take it all as no one else is to gain access to your funds?

For your understanding of this NESARA payments cutoff at death is of my situation that many years ago my father was laid off of his union job and had to settle to live off of SSDI and some retirement funds for many years, and my mother never had a punch a clock job to pay into Social Security, but since my father passed away 10 years ago, on April 3, 2013 in the AM, my mother was allowed to continue receiving his benefits. So NESARA is different and it won’t transfer. Maybe my Earthly father upstairs will hit the switch now for the start on Monday.

Once again, you have your own NESARA monthly payments and your own QFS Account so you do not need any of your family members’ funds, except for what are non-related to NESARA and are your family’s.

Now for the NESARA monthly payments it should not be passed to the partner as they have their own ID and Account.

Now if you want to know about the Constitutional Amendments then go to Operation Disclosure and search for the 14th on 3/13/23 and then in sequence starting with the 1st on a daily basis as I give some explanation to them.






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