Jared Rand Call Notes “Holy Cow is this for Real” Transcribed by Mesaville 4-19-23


April 19, 2023
Transcribed by Mesaville

Good evening everyone this is Jared Rand,

So you have a hundred million dollars in the bank, you haven’t even had a million in your entire life in most cases.

But then you’ve got a hundred million and then you’re thinking I wonder if that’s going to be enough.

And then you have people with billions and they say, I wonder if that’s going to be enough.

And then you have people with trillions and they say the same thing, I wonder if that’s going to be enough.

Now when you look at things collectively, at the entire civilization, do you honestly believe that when this wealth transfer is all said and done for the people of Earth, that anybody is ever going to run out of any money ever again?

The fact of the matter is that we’re all going to be wealthy in more ways than just money, we’ll be wealthy in health because of the technology, we’ll be wealthy in attitude, we’ll be motivated to help others because that helps us.


They say people aren’t going to work, that’s a small portion of the people, because people will shift directions and they will be drawn to things that they like doing.

Your first step will be to eliminate all of your debt, what’s funny is all the debts are going to be eliminated anyway, eventually there won’t be any bills, you won’t pay any bills.

I’m giving you a birdseye view of the reality of the truth that they don’t want you to know.

The reality of it all, it is definite, it’s definitive, the transition of this planet is just about complete, from the perspective enough people have learned about the pure evil in all the systems.

The mitigation and elimination and purification of pure evil from planet Earth is in full swing, we know that, you can feel it.

The Central Bank Digital Currency Unicoin with a picture of a Unicorn on the coin, it doesn’t surprise me that the Kazarian’s look at the Unicorn as unification and they claim that it’s gold backed, they can lie forever about it, that’s how they’ve always operated.

Federal Reserve notes are not the American people’s dollar, it’s the private corporation Federal Reserve’s dollar.


A lot of people across the planet despise the government in this country, not the people but what the government has done, all they’ve ever done is lie.

This is why we have to have the GCR and the revaluation of currencies because all the currencies have just been wasted away through years of debasing.

Realestate is also corrupt to the bone, mortgages are illegal, property taxes are illegal, any form of taxation is illegal but you grow up being told that you have to be a good tax payer.

The collective consciousness of this planet is basically saying enough is enough.

The energy belt that we’re going through over the next two thousand years is saturating us in high vibrational frequencies of pure light energy, it’s God energy, we’re God energy in these bodies, do you see the connection? We’re all being saturated, even the ones that are totally dead asleep, and it’s not going to end anytime soon.

If you think about a boost that the collective consciousness brought in to accelerate our transition into higher and higher light frequency, there it is.

Would we allow to collectively destroy this planet? NO!  If you knew the true age of this planet it would blow your mind. Earth’s age is 626 billion years.

Why do you think electric cars aren’t taking off in sales? More and more people are figuring out that they’re crap. You’re sitting on a huge lithium ion battery bathing yourself with electromagnet frequency. It’s going to get hard to find a charging station because they’re getting vandalized and torn apart.

Where are we going as a civilization? The only things that we can correct are the things that we’re aware of, as a collective population.

We know that governments are a thing of the past, and that scares the crap out of some people, who’s going to manage me, who’s going to direct me, who’s going to protect me? 

With the soon to be elimination of poverty the people won’t have that crutch to lean on. So when this wealth is prevalent amongst the people will go through an emotional transition embracing their new direction.

In the old Earth people are afraid of dying, they’re afraid of living, they’re afraid of eating, they’re afraid of starving, they’re afraid of love, they’re afraid of hate, they’re afraid of wealth, they’re afraid of poverty, my point is they’re afraid of everything.


We’re at the end of the line in dimensional transfer, these bodies can sustain in fifth dimension, but beyond that? No. That’s when you’ll see a transition from a carbon based body to a crystalline body.

That’s all part of this transition, I think people are missing the boat on some things, they’ve got their eyes on the money, they’ve got their eyes on physical well being and all the wonderful technologies right. 

But they’re missing the boat, the biggest one of them all is transitioning oneself into a higher frequency and continuing to transition into a higher frequency.
What you won’t see in new Earth is transgenderism or transhumanism, those are all old Earth and can be twisted by pure evil.

So how many people on the planet are going to be wealthy, that’s the 69 trillion dollar question, how many? Everyone!

Some people receiving this wealth don’t like that, they want to be special and higher than everyone else, we want everyone on the planet to be wealthy.

Once the spigot is turned on uninterrupted at that point everything shifts, people in this country will be immediately experiencing no debt, all debt gone, all taxation gone.

That means that the people will support the structure not the government, yup, that’s exactly right, the people will become more knowledgeable.

I guarantee you that with the nova helmet learning technology we could take an eighth grader and we could download through the nova helmet massive amounts of information then have that person sit with the brightest minds on the planet, allegedly, and have that young person blow them away. There’s going to be a lot of that going on.

With all of this transition, you make a list, the RV needs no more tending to, it’s a done deal, the global currency reset is a done deal, 209 countries all in agreement.

All the private corporation banking poof and it’s gone. People will shift over to the smaller banks on the QFS and they’ll be able to handle your transactions in seconds.


Ignore the CBDC, ignore it.

The Money thing is a done deal, the transfer of wealth to the people is not done yet, that’s in the process, it’s not close, close is for horseshoes and hand grenades, we use near because of the people that I’m interacting with and talking with and have for a long time.

They’re not putting out all kinds of information, they’re in it, they’re mixed in it, it doesn’t mean that they all know what everyone else is doing because there’s a lot of compartmentalization.

So the transition here once and for all, this is a once and for all, bad guys have been trying to steal it all but have never been successful at doing it.

Some people will go out and buy a yacht and a house with lots of acreage then they may find that they’re not using the yacht very much and they’ve created all this extra overhead, some people will go crazy with the money but a lot of people will know better.

The collective consciousness on this planet created NESARA/GESARA and created the shift of wealth to the people of planet Earth from the corrupted parasite leaders.

The parasites will never do anything good for the people, it isn’t in their repertoire, they’re all about death and destruction, everything’s twisted because the pure evil wants it that way and it’s dying away, it’s melting away.

Minds will be set straight, their perspectives will totally change, men will be men, women will be women, girls will be girls, boys will be boys, there won’t be this rift, children will be taught a whole different way.

The transition from the current generation to the next is going to be astronomical, it will take twelve years, there will be two years of settling in and ten years of progression, education and infrastructure, at the end of twelve years we’ll still have money but no one will really need it.

This is exciting stuff, it’s not smoke and mirrors or wishful thinking, it is factual, the doom and gloom is becoming less and less and less but to some it appears as if it’s becoming more and more and more.


Did you know that the American Bar Association receives all the interest from all the IOLTA Trust accounts in the United States every month? That is massive amounts of money.

We’ve had thieves and thugs all vying for control of planet Earth, several factions all wanting to do it their way, they’re like a bunch of kids on the playground arguing, it is like a bunch of kids when you step back and look at it. Spoiled rotten kids that have turned pure evil and complain that they don’t have control over every living creature on this planet, that’s total insanity.

Why do you think that it was leaked out that there’s 500K indictments? They could have covered it up, now those indictments are connected to many different people.

If they could have gotten World War 3 going that would have covered up a lot of their misdeeds, because they’re so far in trouble now they’re never going to get out of it.

As a way to get out of trouble they turned around and created the Unicoin, which has no value, it really doesn’t. So their plan is to steal wealth from the planet, rehydrate themselves and continue on.

The days of the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, the Warburgs, the illuminati, the council of 300, the council of 45 are gone, they won’t exist.

Once the broad range replicators become commonplace then all GMO’s will be history and new full grown trees can be grown using time displacement.

So you’ve got a total financial transition for the people in America and that includes all of you. How can you complain about that? 

It’s like I said before they’re not going to give you a date and they’re not going to give you rates. You’re going to go in and exchange and then you’ll know the rates. That’s it right there, makes sense doesn’t it?

Look at all the rumors running around out there for the last fifteen years, you’ve gotta laugh because Iraq’s been partying on and off with Q cards dancing in the streets for fifteen years now. 


When I’m told that the Dinar is trading on the back screens and you can’t see it and it’s at 1:1. Some stuff that I’m told I just politely say thank you and have a good day. 

The money thing is already here, you just don’t have it in your pockets yet, but you will. 

How do you think this is going to play out? Will you have a specific day that’s going to be announced across the planet? No!  I keep telling people that it’s not going to go the way you’ve been told it’s going to go.

There’s people that are exchanging but not the way you thought you were supposed to exchange.

I’ve had a half a dozen people contact me in the last six months that have said “I’ve been called up and I’m going in to exchange” and they disappeared after that, I never heard another word from them because they most likely signed an NDA and they were counseled on how to manage things.

You’ll be wealthy soon enough believe me, then the rest of it starts, how am I going to manage all this? That’s not on the mind yet. 

The wealth is endless on this planet, everyone should be mega millionaires or billionaires, should have been a long time ago.

So we’ve got the understanding that the money thing is in full swing, the only holdup is the condition of the people, that’s it.

They know that when most people get this money they won’t be running around acting like a bunch of jerks. They know that people will be in responsible form to redistribute this money fairly and accordingly across the planet, there’s a lot of avenues to cover, you’ll never run out of them.

The Quantum System has already mirrored everyone’s bank accounts so you’re not going to lose any money. 


All the FRN’s will be burned. The banks that are dropping off like flies, we don’t need them.

I’m not a financial advisor but I wouldn’t keep all of my money in the bank, I’d buy some gold and silver and keep the gold and silver with you, not a certificate for gold and silver in a warehouse.

The London exchange controls the cap on gold and silver, I know for a fact that they won’t be capping it, I communicated indirectly with some of the people there that know this and gold and silver are going to go through the roof.

Bank of America is tied to Credit Suisse and is probably going to go down, they’re just tempering it at this point.

Let the Good Times Roll

Be kind, gentle and humble with yourself at all times.

Thank you for listening to my calls.
Jared Rand





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