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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 4-20-23  

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the Big Call tonight. It’s Thursday, April 20th and you’re listening to the big call. We’re glad that you’re joining us from all over the globe. I know Last Tuesday’s call, I believe we had 87 countries that we broadcast to and it looked like our audience was well over 20 million. So glad you could join us, everybody all over the globe

Now, we’ll talk a little bit because we didn’t have much intel – As you guys remember on Tuesday night, right? It was kind of lacking because we had very little information on Tuesday, and a little bit on Monday but not much – Really we were hurting for intel on Tuesday. Now we got a load of it – remember I told you guys I bet you dollar to a glazed doughnut – That’s just an expression you know, -that I get it Tuesday night after the call and Wednesday and I did.

It just is like clockwork, on Tuesday nights after the Big Call. That’s when the information starts pouring in. And it did yesterday and a little bit today too. So we’re in pretty good shape.

Here’s what happened on Tuesday.

I told you on Tuesday that there was the President Trump looks like he had made a move to a trip to Reno- right. Well guess who was in Reno to help get this thing started for us? S Mnuchin – Judy Shelton -She was the appointee by Trump to get this RV underway and stay with it till it’s done.

You had the Chinese elders there.


You had a delegation of five delegates plus or security staff fron Iraq.

You had at least one representative of 29 different countries. I told you we had five from Iraq. That’s an exception, but at least one from 29 Different countries that are all going up in value globally, for this GCR Global Currency Reset.

All of those representatives were there along with the elders, along with our team.

And guess what? Yes, the Chinese elders released the codes so that the bondholders in tier three and tier four and tier three primarily would be able to be paid out. And that was something that we had to have had. And that occurred Tuesday night.

First we didn’t have that or know that until Wednesday.

So there was a great compilation of individuals there to set this thing in motion for us.

Now, let’s talk about Iraq for a minute. Remember we talked about Iraq already doing exchanges of large three zero dinar notes like we have into lower denomination dinar at a factor of whatever that rate was – That was done and they have been exchanging dinar for the last 14 days or two weeks.


Now what happened Tuesday morning was that the ATM machines which were loaded with new Iraqi dinar, lower denominations, you know the kind of notes that we would have in our US Treasury dollars, you know, fives, 10s 20s 50s and hundreds in that.

The I don’t think they’re all of those different notes are in the ATMs but I’m sure 20s are maybe 10s are not quite sure but but the ATMs that have been loaded with lower denominations were activated Tuesday morning, about an hour after morning prayer – and so they had that they’ve been able to use those ATM machines in Iraq. and I’m telling you by now, Thursday the 20th, it’s pretty much business as usual now –

 Iraq opened their budget, the rates visible in the budget. Can we see it yet. No, we can’t see it if they’re not gonna show it to us yet. But everything else is hunky dory and moving forward in Iraq.

Look who’s been paid. The military – the contractors, retirees, and the Public Works people are people that are involved in utilities. They’ve all been paid in new Iraqi revalued dinar.

So everything’s rolling really rolling nicely over there now.

So that’s, that’s really what’s happening in Iraq

Coming back to us. Remember, we were looking for the quantum cards which I’m calling Q-cards -, the quantum cards. We were looking for those to finally be sent by Federal Express to the bondholders  in tier three –

And we heard one of our people that we are in touch with the bond owner or a bond seller received their Q card yesterday and the other one was told that they would receive theirs by FedEx today, and they got it today right after lunch. So what are they waiting for for liquidity is an email to tell them when to get access to those funds.

Now, at least in one case, of the card that was delivered today they were able to go to Wells Fargo and get that card activated with a biometric fingerprint reader with you know, passwords and username and password and Starlink data. They were able to get it activated so it’s ready to go.

Now all they need is an email that says go because you have access to funds and it’s gonna be through their 1% but it’s still a lot quite a bit for the 1% for the first immediate future. and then they’ll have access to more as time goes on, eventually access to all of it.


Now, some of the people that have gone quiet are under all new 30 Day NDA. And that’s why I think we were so quiet on Tuesday. We just didn’t have much at all because everybody was just so so quiet. You know, we’re in a position now where pretty much the cats out of the bag in terms of getting the information out regarding Iraq.

And regarding the launch that took place out of Reno. So I’m looking forward for us to get started as small bond deals are being done in small would be in 10s of billions 50,000,000, – 70  – 100 billion. It’s not small potatoes – but in terms of the scope of things – it’s not the end of the quadrillions yet. Okay,

So these bond deals have taken place in Brazil, and Venezuela, and Salvador, and one other country I can think of.

So, these things are happening. And yet, we are waiting – but not much longer. We’ve got it from two separate sources – The same basic information that we are looking for us to get notified either tomorrow or Saturday.

Based on how early we get notified  in each day – would  say whether or not we start exchanging two hours to three hours later. So if we’re a morning thing, we probably be able to go in the afternoon. If we got an afternoon – say on a Friday and we’d probably be starting on Saturday for exchanges and redemption of zim

Now, that is the long and short of it – In terms of our timing – bondholder timing on seller timing and the fact that everything was basically was released, and now it’s a matter of us being notified. That’s really what it comes down to.

Because everything is on go. And I think we’re they’re ready for us. Really, they’re ready for us. We know that they have certificates that we can use were valued at up to $1,000 to buy new laptops at Staples or Best Buy or six other retailers. They those are certificates that they have this at the redemption center.

And they also have Q phones. They’re the physical phone that they’ll give us – the zim owners will get those at the redemption centers, and they will activate that type thing. I think we’ll do that outside of the redemption center -the next step. I don’t think there’s any time to mess with that at all in redemption center – that’s why it’s coming last.

And you’ll get a list of some type of perks PERKS – which are like special deals, incentives, whatever to continue to bank with Wells Fargo or Chase or whatever. They’re all basically every bank has very similar perks. It could be some cool stuff in there. But and we do have the new US Treasury dollars in the redemption centers and little probably shrink wrapped around $2,500 and they have them differently too. but we heard some of them are shrink wrapped at $2,500 a pack.

Now you’ll get maybe a couple of packs, maybe three. The idea is not to load up on cash right away. You’ll get your credit debit card, instead of your one account probably your master accounts or your primary account as I call it with Wells Fargo and set that up to get a credit/debit card should be able to be used that day or get access to 1% of your total exchange That includes your redemption of zim


So total that up whatever that total is for the first day you’ll get 1%  – And if you want more, you can add up to 9% more from your quantum account – that’s where you’d be moving the funds from quantum into primary or secondary Wells account, for example.

Okay, so in10 days time  on day one day of exchange, Nine days later is day 10 on day 10 you get nine more percent If you want it from your quantum account into your primary secondary Wells  account. Now you got one, plus nine equals 10% of your total.

That’s what you have access to – doesn’t mean you have to put that much in. But if you want you can do that and move it into your primary Wells account. I don’t think we’re gonna have time to set up any additional accounts in the redemption center. I just they want us in and out of there and 40 -45 minutes. That’s it. That’s tops. You got a five to eight minutes to do your presentation about your humanitarian project or projects.

And that’s going to be your time to let them know what it is you want to do with your zim. How you’re going to help humanity How are you going to raise the level of level people’s ability around the globe – here in the US  sure but also in other countries?

That’s why we’re doing rebuild international as one of our projects, so that we can help rebuild areas other than United States  – we are starting for rebuilding international in the Bahamas, and in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Those are our three initial start countries  – we want to do something good work in there, but but we’re going to begin with rebuild America. Let’s talk let’s see what needs to be done still in Florida to rebuild Florida

I mean, I’ve been told from two very strong sources and probably others that Friday and Saturday – We should notify either Friday or Saturday. So let’s see what happens when I say notified. I mean that’s when we get the toll free numbers and then we will send an email from  Big Call universe out to everybody who has registered for email –

We will let you have the number in an email. But we’ll also use your address your email address to stay in touch with you about future podcasts and products that we’re gonna do as a call. Because we won’t do any more live shows up as your Thursday night. Lower the ways that we are doing it now.

But we’ll be sending these podcast links to people who we have the email so you’ll be getting what about the toll free numbers to call dial and then getting some future emails from us about podcasts that we’re going to do everything about what’s coming along with our projects, as we’re building out our new websites. Blah, blah, blah.

I mean, it’s a whole lot of things – it will probably take us two to three weeks to get some of that underway, won’t be finished but will be underway will probably give you a probably record something and give you a podcast or a link that you can click on to hear what our progress is – when where we’re going.


So this is Thursday night, the 20th  We do not normally have till next Tuesday, Tuesday and Thursday night, but we’re gonna have to see what happens If everything comes through like we think and so the our last call. So, as always, we never know until we actually have the physical numbers to enter, and we’ll see what happens in the next couple days.

And I want to thank everybody again, who has made the big call what it is and that’s Sue and Bob and GCK and Pastor Scott, and Jean, and all of the listeners that have tuned in over the last 12 years, listening to us faithfully every Tuesday and Thursday night.

So we’re going to just pray the call out and I want to keep everybody in mind that this is this is they really don’t want to sit over when but we know that we’re super close. We know why we’re close because of what has occurred, Primarily what occurred Tuesday night. And here we are.

Bondholders are ready to go and we’re next to go. We should be receiving these notifications very shortly. So let’s pray the call out and then we’ll just look forward to this coming in.

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