Awake-in-3D: Economic Showdown Intensifies as US and China Escalate Financial War



Economic Showdown Intensifies as U.S. and China Escalate Financial War

On November 12, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

From bond market turmoil to accusations of aiding Russia, this is an economic showdown between the U.S. and China that will reshape the global currency and economic order.

The recent high-stakes meeting between U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen and Chinese officials has pulled back the curtain on a financial drama that is sending shockwaves through global markets.

China records its first-ever quarterly deficit in foreign direct investment (FDI), totaling minus $11.8 billion as U.S. labels China as “uninvestable”. Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury market recently experienced a disastrous 30-year bond auction as China continues reducing U.S. bond holdings.

During this past week’s encounter between U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen and Chinese officials, the already strained economic relations between the two nations came into sharper focus.

The meeting, which aimed to address economic concerns and repair relations, instead highlighted deepening tensions and the complex web of financial conflicts.

U.S. and China Tensions in Diplomacy




During the meeting, Yellen accused Chinese firms of aiding Russia in the Ukraine conflict, demanding China’s intervention. This accusation adds a new layer to the ongoing economic conflicts between the U.S. and China.

US Economic Struggles

The U.S. finds itself in an economic quagmire, fighting two wars and facing escalating costs. Yellen’s attempt to tighten sanctions on Russia as a financial strategy is met with challenges, with the U.S. Treasury market experiencing a disastrous 30-year bond auction and rising yields.

China’s Changing Role

Historically a significant buyer of U.S. bonds, China has shifted its stance, no longer supporting the U.S. Treasury market. Yellen’s attempts to find new buyers for U.S. bonds face hurdles due to China’s reduced involvement.

U.S. Sanctions Backfire

Efforts to impose sanctions on China, particularly in the tech sector, have led to resentment and counterproductive outcomes. Yellen’s strategy of forcing weaker technology on China exacerbates tensions and harms diplomatic relations.




Chinese Energy Deals

China strategically secures discounted oil deals with Iran and Russia, despite U.S. sanctions. These energy deals prove economically advantageous for China, contributing to its resilience against U.S. economic pressures.

Investment Deficit in China

China records its first-ever quarterly deficit in foreign direct investment (FDI), totaling minus $11.8 billion. U.S. rhetoric labeling China as “uninvestable” contributes to a decline in inbound investment, impacting Chinese economic progress.

U.S. and China Decoupling Concerns

China’s concerns over U.S. decoupling efforts are validated as investment inflows diminish since 2022. The uncertainty surrounding U.S. supply chain shifts affects Chinese companies and increases the cost of borrowing.

Biden’s Stalling Tactics

The upcoming meeting between Biden and President Xi is perceived as a stalling tactic amid rising tensions. Biden’s desperation to curb China’s influence in the Middle East is evident, especially in light of China’s potential military presence in Oman.

Bleak Outlook for U.S. and China Relations

In essence, the economic and currency conflicts between the U.S. and China are intensifying, with both nations unlikely to find common ground in the near future. Yellen’s attempts to navigate the complexities of sanctions, financial strain, and global influence may result in a protracted and challenging diplomatic standoff.




As the economic and currency conflicts unfold, the world watches closely, recognizing the implications for global trade and diplomatic relations. The meeting between Yellen and China serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges that define the current state of affairs between these two economic powerhouses.

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