Awake-in-3D: How Private Trading Platforms will Generate Substantial Funds for Asset Sellers in a Realistic GCR Scenario



How Private Trading Platforms Will Generate Substantial Funds for Asset Sellers in a Realistic GCR Scenario

On November 13, 2023
By Awake-In-3D

This article explains the utilization of rehypothecation in Private Trading Platforms to generate substantial returns for multiple parties involved in a Global Currency Reset (GCR) asset transaction.

Author’s Note: The scenario outlined in this explanation is based on realistic financial vehicles, practices and processes that exist today.

However, the examples used in this article are hypothetical by design. The assets, monetary values and timeframes are fictitious and intended for educational purposes only.

Over my long history of research and participation within the GCR financial landscape, I have interacted with many people professionally involved in asset rehypothecation in Private Trading Platforms.

Many assets can be collateralized and placed into these Platforms for substantial returns (in many cases).

Assets such as fine art, precious metals, rare earth elements and other commodities are regularly utilized by Private Trading Platforms today.




Thus, I have endeavored to be as accurate as possible in the hypothetical scenario below with the singular goal of providing education through examples to my readers.

I am not a professional financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Always do your own due diligence and seek professional advice before making any financial decisions.

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Defining the Terms for an Asset Transaction Example

The best place to start is to understand the roles and interactions of:

  1. Asset Owner/Seller (Seller)
  2. The Asset Buyer (Buyer)
  3. And Private Trading Platforms (Platforms)

The scenario presented here entails the Seller’s ownership of a historical bond with a face value of $100 million fiat USD (for example).

This presents two options for the Buyer: an outright purchase of the asset or offering structured payment terms.




Additionally, the Seller has the opportunity to access a line of credit for economic and/or humanitarian Projects.

The Private Trading Platforms serve as intermediaries for rehypothecating the bond assets, while the occurrence of a Global Currency Reset impacts the value of gold relative to newly established gold-backed currencies.

Now that the parties and terms of the scenario have been established, let’s move on to the details and importance of understanding rehypothecation in Private Trading Platforms.

Private Trading Platforms and Rehypothecation

Private Trading Platforms play a crucial role in financial markets, facilitating various transactions and investment strategies. Rehypothecation, the practice of pledging collateral for loans or other transactions, is often employed to enhance leverage and generate returns.

Private Trading Platforms are highly confidential and exclusive venues where individuals, institutions, or entities can conduct buying and selling of financial instruments like securities or other assets.

Unlike public stock exchanges, Private Trading Platforms are not open to the general public. Instead, they cater to a specific group of investors who have been granted access.

These platforms often provide a more controlled and private environment for trading, allowing participants to execute transactions with a level of confidentiality and exclusivity.

Asset rehypothecation is a financial practice where a borrower pledges an asset as collateral for a loan, and the lender, in turn, uses that same asset as collateral for their own borrowing.

Essentially, it involves the reuse of the same asset as collateral by multiple parties in the financial system. This practice is common in various financial transactions.




In the following scenario example, I will focus on the utilization of rehypothecation in Private Trading Platforms for historical bonds, which serve as valuable assets for financing global economic and humanitarian Projects.

The Scenario for Asset Sellers, Buyers and Private Trading Platforms

The scenario involves three key parties: the asset Seller, the Asset Buyer, and the Private Trading Platform.

The Seller is the owner of a historical bond with a face value of $100 million, while the Buyer is interested in acquiring the bond.

The Private Trading Platforms act as an intermediaries, facilitating the transaction and subsequent rehypothecation for investment growth (funds) purposes.


Scenario Overview

In this scenario, the Seller has two options:

  1. The Buyer offers to purchase the bond outright for $5 million (5% of the bond’s value), or
  2. The Seller can receive $1 million (1%) cash upfront, an additional $9 million (9%) in 30 days, and a $70 million line of credit for economic and/or humanitarian Projects.

Structured Payment Terms

If the Seller agrees to option (2) above, they will receive the upfront hard currency payment of $1 million (1%) and an additional payment of $9 million (9%) after 30 days.




Furthermore, the Seller can access a $70 million line of credit specifically designated for economic and/or humanitarian Projects. Expenses incurred for these Projects will be charged against the line of credit.

In total, the Seller receives a total of 80% of the value of the bond – 10% in personal funds and 70% for Project commitments.

The Overall Results of the Bond Redemption

Utilization of the Line of Credit

The Seller can utilize the $70 million line of credit to fund economic and/or humanitarian Projects.

This allows the Seller to execute their initiatives without the burden of immediate financial constraints, as the expenses are charged against the line of credit.

Funding for Projects is facilitated as a line of credit, instead of hard currency, so as to not create an oversupply of M2 currency into an economy since too much currency dilutes purchasing power (debasement) of a currency. Lines of Credit do not add to the M2 currency supply.

Rehypothecation in Private Trading Platforms

Once the Buyer acquires the historical bond from the Seller, they place it in one of several specialty Private Trading Platforms created for GCR-only rehypothecation.

These platforms serve as mechanisms for leveraging the bond and utilizing the associated collateral to finance global Projects.




3. How the Global Currency Reset (GCR) Leverages Asset Funds in Private Trading Platforms

In this educational scenario, a Global Currency Reset occurs 30 days after the completion of set window for private transactions between the Sellers and Buyers.

This reset replaces the existing fiat currency system with gold-backed currencies.

Consequently, the value of gold relative to the new currencies substantially increases, with gold assumed to be worth $25,000 new US, gold-backed dollars (for example).

How Substantial Funds for Projects

Returns Generated by Private Trading Platforms

Under the assumptions of this scenario, the Private Trading Platforms will generate substantial returns on the rehypothecated bond assets.

These returns exceed the financial requirements for supporting the economic and/or humanitarian Projects initiated by the original bond Sellers.

The Role of Off-Ledger Gold for Leveraging Private Trading Platform Returns

While the specific mechanisms through which the Private Trading Platforms generate returns are not explored in detail in this scenario, it is assumed that the leveraging of historical bonds and collateral, using substantial amounts of off-ledger gold, contributes to the generation of these returns.




Consequently, the lines of credit can be maintained indefinitely (they don’t require repayment by the original asset Seller).

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