“Shotgun Release means Blowing Tier 4B Smoke out our Rear Ends” by Bob L – 6.23.21


Entry Submitted by Bob L at 6:53 PM EDT on June 23, 2021

Hello guys – Bob L Here

100% Evidence Tiers 4B &5 are falsely being fed a “Shotgun” release; but really they are only blowing “Shotgun” smoke out our behinds!  We are the smoke left inside the barrel, as the led bullet flies, and “The Alliance” doesn’t tell us they are using a smokeless gun to start it off. 

Here are the provable Lies of a fair and honest “Shotgun Release” of RV in my Original post.

“Urgent: No Glitch! 100% Whales Holding Lower Tiers Back” by Bob L – 6.23.21

Read the Update 1 also given, but not posted yet.  This is about the Top Tiers fundings being fully released to the most criminal, richest, powerful and elite people on planet earth, in a “Shotgun” release, we get NOTHING! 

All Upper Tiers 100% already have been fully funded in Quadrillions, and Tier 4B & 5 get NOTHING!

Upper Tiers are buying every single home and property on the planet being bought up by them.  Notice that each home being placed on the market is bought the same day they are listed?  It is because the Evil Criminal Lions in upper Tiers, who each already got 100% of the Quadrillion dollars released and fully funded by “The Alliance”, are buying up every single grain of sand on planet earth.  Yet Tier 4B & 5 “by Accident” or “Glitch” can not have their funding released?  Strange?  Or are you not suppose to know it?

So we have top Tiers all 100% fully funded by our RV, and had all their funds released, days, weeks and months ago, yet Tier 4B & 5 are not allowed to get our money.  Funny and strange that its OK to release Quadrillions of dollars to the world’s largest most evil criminal companies, and powerful rich elite, yet its NOT SAFE FOR Honest slaves in the lower 99% Tier 4B & 5 of the world, IT IS NOT SAFE?  Not “Safe” for Tier 4B & 5?  Where do 99% of all our old world criminals, crimes, and slavery who controlled us come from?  Surely, the lowest Tier 4B & 5 are the largest criminals to look for right? 

See how the already proven criminals of our past, rich powerful elite, are so honest, they get their RV money released days to months before slaves in Tier 4B, as we still await?  Understand, the same criminals are in complete control of the RV funding…and will control us forever once again. But they are painting they are Honest.  What a joke and scam. 

We all prayed we would be free, but giving upper Tiers access to their complete funding of Quadrillions of dollars, weeks and months before giving the lowlife slaves in Tier 4B, is a “Honest” release hey?  The game didn’t start to Tier 4B & 5, yet the old rich powerful criminal elites are ALREADY FAVORED, and given the opportunity to financially set up their “New slaves” to control our world, before a single slave was given a penny in RV.  

See how this was all planned by the upper rich powerful elites criminal Tiers, to not only keep their wealth, power and elite control, but now some have been given 30+ days of being FULLY FUNDED BY RV monies, and we in Tier 4B are left locked out of the bank!  Criminal top upper Tiers are buying up ever inch of For Sale land on earth, as they are positioning themselves as our new Evil Rulers of our planet.  Great way to start off a so called “Honest Criminal Free” world?  So this “Shotgun Start” wasn’t for Tier 4B now was it?  Why are we still the smoke inside the barrel, while the bullet was shot 30+ days ago to the top Tiers funding?  These already rich powerful elite people were rich before, but now, most having 30+ days advance RV funding, and already owning the criminal banks, top 1000 companies, and richest people on planet earth, why did they get funded 30+ days BEFORE US POOR PEOPLE, and we still have not been funded?  See the total criminal scam the top Tiers got handed to them, or FIXED for them to all not only keep their wealth, but given 30+ days of Quadrillion funding to buy everything they can before the lowlife slaves?


Yet honestly ask “The Alliance” why they fully funded the most evil, criminally tied, rich and powerful people on the planet, before any of the lower 98% of the lower class Tier 4B & 5 slaves?  Sorry but no one will be able to climb the ladder, unless like before, you marry into the new elite rich and power families who will now control our New World, and rule its slaves as their property. 
How can Tier 4B & 5 be part of a “Shotgun Release”, if its already proven in open public, that “The Alliance” (fake?) already completely funded and released all the windfall funding to Tiers 1 – 4A?  They say they are looking out for “Criminals” yet hasn’t 99% of the criminals in our world been part of the rich power elites in power before?  Yet they get fully funded, days, weeks and months before the lowlife common slaves in Tier 4B & 5?  See how that makes NO SENSE?  See how the “illusion” of refreshing our world is ONLY A SMOKE SCREEN, and its smoke coming right out our behinds!? 

As stated in my update #1 – I looked to purchase a new home, yet the one I wanted was sold, as every one I wanted as a lower one.  They were all sold in a matter of days.  Then I looked for others I was interested in and guess what?  ALL OF THEM WERE ALREADY SOLD!  Where their use to be 50 to choose from, now their are ONE, and that will be gone in 24 hours…

Also, all the homes being sold the same day they go on the market, are not being offered For Sale.  But if you look, their is a huge push in the media, that everyone will RENT HOMES in the future.  Yeah, the same homes these upper Tier criminals who have already be funded up to 30 days ago, are buying every single one.  Then, they will make their fortune and becoming more rich and powerful by collecting RENT MONIES.  Why sell a home 1 time, when you can rent millions of homes and collect month payments?  See how this was all 100% a criminal scam? 

So I am here, a honest citizen and human being, thinking I was going to get a fair chance at buying things during RV, but top level Tiers money was already released in the Quadrillion (up to 30 days ago), and they bought up everything For Sale!  Yet I am like all you reading, we are getting the shaft by the same rich powerful elite who screwed us over in our past, and made us all slaves.  Yet the RV is worried about use lowest levels Tier 4B in society being looked at for criminal activities?  See how this all was a illusion?

This “Shotgun” will not have one honest NON CONNECTED ALREADY person step up to the next level.  All the best properties have been bought, and leaving the 99% of us getting NOTHING!  All the businesses For Sale or homes, have been BOUGHT UP BY THE UPPER TIERS, who already got fully funded.  Yet here’s the lowlife slaves waiting for Tier 4B & 5 to get funded. 

See how all this “Shotgun” release is only blowing smoke out all our behinds?

Original and 1st warning postings by Bob L from SM, WI.  Share but please remember I was the 1st in your life to scream this criminal act to you all!  Give me credit for my original work.



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