“Urgent (Update #2): No Glitch! 100% Whales Holding Lower Tiers Back” by Bob L – 6.23.21


Entry Submitted by Bob L at 3:30 PM EDT on June 23, 2021

Bob L from SM, WI here.

“SHOTGUN” release hey, as they blow the smoke our Tier 4B & 5 our out asses.  Remember, we are suppose to be changing the world, yet the new world was already 90% bought up the the top Tiers, who got fully funded 30 days ago!

The “Shotgun” release was 100% for the already past rich, power elite, who will 100% continue to have full control over our world from this day forward.

Shotgun release was for the rich power elite, which started and funded 30+ days ago, for the top Tiers, and the lower honest human Tier 4B & 5 we the smoke coming out our asses, that still didn’t leave the barrel.

The bullets were released and funded 30 days ago to the top rich powerful elites , yet Tier 4B & 5 are still in the worthless chamber of the gun.  We here never even left the chamber, so HOW CAN THIS BE CALLED A SHOTGUN RELEASE?  The bullet (Quadrillions in funding) left the chamber for our new Kings and Queens that will now rule us are the new slaves, yet the poor popper slaves have not got 1 penny in our RV.

Proof?  Why did all these top Tiers buy 90% of every inch of land and home for sale, weeks to months before now?  Surely if this was a honest human flipping for the good, why hasn’t a single slave in Tier 4B & 5 gotten 1 penny, yet the rich power elite got fully RV funded weeks to months ago?  See how “Fair” and “Honest” our new world will be?

“Urgent: No Glitch! 100% Whales Holding Lower Tiers Back” by Bob L – 6.23.21

The Whales power at play, is holding back all our funding.  Top Tiers above 4B had all their funding already released, and they are purchasing 99% everything for sale.  That’s why every single home is being purchased the same day they are listed.

Also, the vast majority of them are for RENTALS ONLY – and NOT FOR SALE!  Wasn’t it suppose to be every family should “OWN” a home for investment?  That was only in the past, and now these criminal Tiers WHO ALL GOT FUNDED ALREADY BY THE ALLIANCE, are buying every single plot of land and home on planet earth!

They now put prices of their purchased homes 3-10 times value from last week.  See it?  So now, if you listen and read the news, the “New Thing” is RENTING HOMES!  Get it now?  These Top Whale elites, WHO ALREADY GOT RV PAID, will be making a killing on everyone on the planet to pay MONTHLY RENTS!  That’s why the over priced every single home, so no one can actually BUY A HOME ANYMORE, but everyone will be FORCED TO RENT THEIR HOME!  See it?  Talk about Greed rushing into our so called “New” better world.   

See the shift taking place at its start, in our so called, “New” freedom world.  Freedom but top Tiers know of the weekly payments everyone will get, so they will NOT SELL any home anymore, and make their money fill their bank accounts from the money we will all be getting!  Understand, if they Sell the home, they only make their profits, one-time…..BUT if you force 100% everyone to pay month RENT for their entire life, see all the money these evil greedy top Tier criminals will stay in complete power, and 100% control every persons life?

This is a crime against Humanities Freedom?  If in fact their is a “Alliance”, why will they let these criminals rush in and take power and control over our lives from the start?  See how we will all live in a world of never owning a home, but 100% forced into paying monthly rentals?


Some of the Top Tiers were funded weeks to 30 days ago, and have been buying up everything on planet earth.  Lumber, every home, business, piece of land, etc…  They already OWN THEM, and used this so called “Reset” for humanity but is clearly to keep the rich rich, and in complete control of our planet into the future.

See the Game of the new Criminal Elites that will controlling us are doing? 

The reason I learned this is because wanted to buy a new home.  I had a list of a few top homes I was interested in, but low and behold….  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WERE BOUGHT!  Then looking more closely, 99 of my 100, WE ALL SOLD!

WOW! And of course, the evil criminal Top Tiers “Delaying” upon “Delaying” Tier 4B & 5 release is so they continue to buy up every scratch of land on the planet!  The longer they can crash the system, and use the Old Kings and Queens ownership power they had in our past, they are ALL USING IT TO GAIN EVEN MORE POWER!  See it? 

So anyone stating this will change our world, yes but no.  The evil top tiers already funded, scoped up every blade of grass so far, and we have nothing!  Our world is now Fulling bought and paid for by Alliance funds, which they already got released, and they bought everything!  The new so call “Freedom” elites just got richer and more powerful, by purchasing EVERYTHING before EVERYONE ELSE!  So the rich, powerful elites of yesterday, will be in full financial control of everyone’s slave life in our future!  See it? 

If this was a “Honest” change, why did the “Alliance” give them weeks to months advance payment, before the common human in Tier 4B and 5?  See how this was NO HONEST CHANGE ON CONTROLLING OUR WORLD?  We may not see it now, but compound it 20 or 50 years from now…  The “selected” rich powerful elite already funded, WILL BE OUR NEW WORLD CONTROLLERS!
So here all us honest worthless “Common” slave, waiting for RV release in 4B & 5, still haven’t been given a grain of sand to buy.  Yet the Lions share, that 100% catered to the top rich power elite of past, are let free with Quadrillions of money, let loose for 30 days, to buy everything, and we lowlife slaves in 4B & 5, still have our funds locked up tight….

But who was involved?  If this was a HONEST flip, someone needs to investigate, arrest and return all what these new criminals have purchase. 

It sure isn’t a “SHOTGUN” release now is it?  A Shotgun release 100% specifically for the rich powerful criminal elite of yesteryear… 

As the Alliance blows smoke out our asses, is all we in Tier 4B & 5 will get.

Bob L from SM, WI


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