Dinarland Highlights for July 7, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 7.7.21

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Al-Rasheed launches a new meal from the predecessors of the Ministry of Defense and Interior, employees and retirees

all beneficiaries who receive text messages to review the bank’s branches or electronic payment offices to receive the amount.”;

“raise the amounts in the balances of those registered on the advances through the bank’s own application.”

Think about the timing of this. Text messaging the citizens to come in an get payments electronically. Are they to get the amounts in new digital currency? New small category notes? Instantaneously they all get notification. Sounds like what we have been told in the past would happen.. It is like an Amber Alert.. I like it. The timing is perfect. imo

“global currency reset” has sort of been a mythology…a coined phrase on the Internet.  Interesting enough the White House has adopted a terminology…“real financial reset”.  Real financial Rest‘ and ‘Global Currency Reset’ those names are pretty pseudonymous IMO.


Frank26 (KTFA)

The word “mechanism” when translated in the Middle East means it’s a plan.  And that’s the plan for the monetary reform. – to use all these mechanisms…QFS…The special drawing rights…digital currency…Swift system…countries pouring into Iraq – none of these things have ever been anywhere near reality. Why now?  What is it that is so different today than it was just two years ago?They’re Article VIII.  Now does that mean they lifted the value of their currency?  IMO on the second set of books you’re darn right they have!  And they’re going to do it now on their original set of books, announce it to the world and make it retroactive.  They are getting closer and closer...



[via PDK]

The news is still not negative.

On…the group side I am hearing they plan to pick up where they left off a week ago on group processing so money could start flowing. I’m hearing this could start this afternoon. I hope this is accurate.

Not much news on redemptions…they have done a good job shutting down leaks on that…I do have people sitting in place in conference rooms in Europe waiting for some news.

Right now we seem to be in a holding pattern but at least they want them on the premises right now. They want them physically there now…not just on call.



It looks like ISIS is starting to make sure they are being heard…they’re definitely starting to make noise all over again…we definitely don’t want this.  Call it a ‘coinkadink’, call it what you will but these guys came to power in rows after being funded, trained and given weapons by the Obama Administration…back then he was calling them rebels when they were fighting against Syria but they went out of control…nonetheless they were funded and armed and trained by us…it’s magical how the O’biden administration is in and once again they’re starting to make some noise…it’s something we need to be aware of...



When I read…Rates having Parity in the Middle East – There can never be parity unless the variables are similar, Kuwait and UAE have billions in circulation, Iraq has trillions. I can remember when there was parity between the UK and US, $2.40/GBP and 240 pennies/GBP. Then there was a redenomination in the UK making 100 pennies/GBP. A redenomination in Iraq would bring the currencies much closer together.


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

We have new information that was pointing toward this happening…Thursday or Friday…we do talk to people in Iraq – we have contacts in Fallujah – Baghdad – and a few other places – this last comment came out of Baghdad from some of our people and it indicates that Iraq has now a fully convertible new Iraqi Dinar – or new IQD – and that means that it is digitally available and exchangeable globally- in other words its convertible to other currencies...to be completely convertible – as a currency… [today] Wednesday…

…we know that at least 2 of the banks have NDA’s that are 6 pages long…that all employees…had to sign… obviously they let the tellers in and every employee of the bank in on what is going on and what’s about to take place for them to have to sign the DNA – it’s a very good sign of how close we really are to going...

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