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“No One is Telling us How to or with Whom we’ll be Negotiating with” by PZ – 8.24.21

PZ, you ask some great questions. I’ll take a shot at answering them. Hopefully, what I say will resonate a bit and give you some comfort moving forward.

PZ: This has been bothering me for a while now. Maybe one of you has the answer. I haven’t seen it from the gurus or commentators.

You are correct in stating that you haven’t seen it from the “gurus.” And you won’t because they are solely focused on the RV of Dinar and Dong. I’ve read a ton of their material, and they have demonstrated over and over again a complete lack of understanding of Zim Redemption and what it has to do with the Humanitarian Projects (HP). Either that or they are purposely giving us disinformation to keep us from fully realizing our HP dreams. And, if they ARE purposely trying to kill our HP dreams, then they are flat out the enemy of freedom and supporting communism. Which, of course, is the road to destruction. Their own, of course.

PZ: Are we meeting with representatives from the DoD/Treasury or banks or exactly who at the redemption centers?

Before I respond to this question, I want to step back a bit and first address the difference between the Revaluation of Dinar and Dong (RV) and the Zim Redemption.

First, the RV is only about the Dinar and Dong because those two currencies were purposely DEVALUED many years ago during the wars in both Iraq and Vietnam. Devaluing currency is a strategy used by the Deep State to destroy the economies of the invaded countries and to make it much more difficult for them to defend themselves. The Deep State would then buy up a ton of the devalued currencies knowing that somewhere down the road the currencies would be revalued again to bring the values back up to where they were before, give or take. That means, then, that those who purchased the devalued currencies would make a huge return/profit on their purchase of those currencies when they were revalued.




Eventually, the general public caught on to this scheme. Consequently, many went out and bought a bunch of Dinar and Dong, holding onto it for that time when it would be revalued so they could make a lot of money.

And that’s where we are now. With the coming GCR, which revalues ALL currencies to bring them in line with a 1:1 value with the US dollar, those holding Dinar and Dong are looking to make a lot of money when these currencies are revalued. Again, this is strictly a money-making strategy.

All of the RV “gurus” are focused on this event because they’ve been waiting for years to exchange their Dinar/Dong to finally get their money. And everyone who follows them are, most likely, looking to exchange their Dinar/Dong as well.

So, the focus on the RV is really about making money.

Now, let’s talk about Zim.

“Zim” stands for “Zimbabwe money.”

Unlike Dinar and Dong, which are currently valid, in-circulation currencies, Zim is a completely defunct, invalid currency. Which makes it completely worthless.




Because the corrupt Zimbabwe gov’t completely destroyed the value of the Zim by printing huge amounts of large bills, the currency held no value. Accordingly, it was “defuncted” and taken out of circulation. Zim is not a devalued currency like the Dinar and Dong. Therefore, there will be no revaluation of Zim.

So, if you bought Zim hoping to make money when the RV takes place, you will be extremely disappointed (“angry” is probably a better word). Why? Because, being a defunct currency, it can’t be exchanged. Therefore, there is no exchange rate for Zim. It’s literally impossible.

Today Zim’s value is strictly as a cool memento to mount on your wall. At least until the HP idea was conceived by the Alliance. More on this in a minute.

So, Zim is completely different than the Dinar and Dong. Why the RV “gurus” have included it their RV updates I’ll never know. Maybe it’s evidence that they completely misunderstand what Zim is for and how it relates to the HP. Or, maybe they have a nefarious motivation for including it. Either way, I believe that whatever they represent about Zim is not accurate.

Now, let’s talk about how Zim relates to the HP.

There are three key factors that are a part of the NESARA/GESARA law(s) that we need to look at. First, the money that the corrupt bankers and politicians and religious leaders have stolen from the people over the past many centuries must be returned to the people. Second, the money must be backed by gold. And, third, huge amounts of money have been set aside for humanitarian purposes.

These stipulations apply to all 209 nations involved in the Alliance. Remember, the GCR associated with GESARA is a global operation, not a US operation.

The money to be returned requires a helluva lot of gold! But then, we’re told that the Alliance has huge amounts of it, whether it’s the St. Germaine Trust Fund, the Chinese Elders fund, the Philippines fund, the African mines, or whatever (some of those funds could be the same fund under a different name). There’s more than we can imagine. And, from what I understand, only about 40% of it will go to fund the GCR, which will bring all Alliance countries to a 1:1 value ratio of all currencies. 

Now, that brings up this question: Who is in charge of all the gold (the money)? Who decides the when, the where, the what, and the way of it all?

The Defense Department? The US Treasury? The bankers? Trump?




I don’t believe any of them are responsible for the bucket of gold that will be dispersed throughout the world (in the form of gold certificates backed by gold and housed in the Quantum Financial System); again, this is not a US operation.

For example, would you trust the bankers with it? The bankers are the corrupt ones who helped steal the vast majority of the money from the people to begin with. They are the “enemy” of the people. Why in the world would they be involved in all of this?! How about the Defense Department? From what I see the Defense Department is as corrupt as the politicians, who again stole tons of money (literally) from the people. Why would the Defense Department be involved? Why would the Chinese Elders, particularly the Grand Dragon, trust them.

Because this is a global operation, decisions regarding the release of GESARA funds are made way above the US level. I personally believe the Grand Dragon makes the final decision, and, as I understand it, he requires full disclosure (EBS) before the money is released.

Let’s step back a bit and try to fit this GCR/RV/HP thing into the War timeline. From a timing standpoint, when would it be appropriate to release the money? Before or after the Cabal has been defeated?

Apparently, while the Alliance has cut off the head of the snake, there is still more work to do to completely eliminate the  remaining small-time Cabal players. That’s what is currently happening now. Would the Alliance screw up the War by introducing the money before the War is won?

I don’t believe so.

Yet, the RV “gurus” have been predicting the release of funds for a few years now, never once hitting their predictions.

Any person capable of critical thinking can see that the money will not be released until AFTER the War is won. The money is for rebuilding what the Cabal has destroyed.

Now, let’s imagine for moment that you’re in charge of the gold bucket. You want to return the money back to the people where it belongs. You want to raise everyone in the world to a level of great abundance and prosperity. How would you do it?

What would happen if you dumped a huge amount of money on everyone all at once? What would happen to the economies of the world? What would happen to each individual who received the money?




Simple: It would destroy everyone and every economy. I won’t go into why that’s true, but just take a second to consider what happens to people who win a lottery. How long does it take until they have completely destroyed their lives? Not long.

The Alliance are loving, kind, benevolent, good people who are destroying the evil of the world. They want only the best for people. Accordingly, they developed the idea of releasing the money to the people in a more controlled way that would gradually lift people up without doing any harm. And that’s where the HP come in.

The Alliance determined that the vast sums of money they have for the people would be released to the people through a variety of HP. That way it can be controlled and come out in a way that the people could handle it.

The next question was how to get the money into the hands of true humanitarians who could be trusted to do the right things with the money. Accordingly, they determined to use the Zim as a way to do that. For the HP, the Alliance only want true humanitarians, those people who care more about serving and helping others than they do amassing a huge amount of money for themselves.

So, if you bought Zim, what was your motivation? Was it to make a lot of money like the RV people? Or, was it to do a great work among the people to help them become heathier, happier, more prosperous, and more secure?

If you bought your Zim to make money, you won’t get any. It’s that simple. The Zim is only for true humanitarians. “Oh,” you say. “I’ll just whip out a plan to do some good somewhere so I can get the money.” Do you really think you could get away with that?

The Zim redemption process is for people who have true humanitarian hearts to purchase the Zim to execute the humanitarian plans they’ve developed. Then the Zim would be REDEEMED (not exchanged) for the money required to execute their plan. The Redemption Appointment (RA) where the Zim is to be redeemed looks nothing like an RV exchange appointment. It certainly will not be conducted by a banker, or wealth manager, or any of the typical finance positions we’re familiar with.

So, if your question has to do with redeeming Zim for HP, then the RA will most likely be conducted by an Alliance representative on a military base for maximum security. And my guess is that these RA locations have not even been established. After all, the War isn’t won yet. Checkmate in 3 moves, maybe, but not won yet.

I believe the special Alliance representative will have the spiritual discernment to judge your heart to determine whether you are a true humanitarian. So, you can’t fool them. If your heart is not pure toward humanitarian work, you won’t be able to redeem your Zim.

PZ: Why is there such a wide range of rates when the Zims have a set value? Will they give a rate of .33 to one person and .11 to someone else? Based on what? Is someone making the difference when it is redeemed and submitted? How do we negotiate this? What do we say when they say no to any higher rate that we may want? Same with the bank fee. What leverage do we have?




The rates you’re talking about have nothing to do with Zim Redemption. Those are for the RV. And, contrary to what the RV “gurus” represent, there is no such thing as a $0.33 or $0.11 rate for Zim. Those rates are fabricated by the RV “gurus.”

Let me ask you this question: If the Alliance wants to flood the earth with money to bring all people into abundance and prosperity through the HP, why would they limit the amount given for the Zim? Wouldn’t they want to get as much money as possible into the hands of true humanitarians who have invested their time and energy developing projects that can have a substantial positive impact on the people of our world?

How much good could you do with a measly few millions of dollars? Not much. If you have big plans, you need big money. And the Alliance wants to give it to you as long as you have a true humanitarian heart so they can know the money will go where it needs to go to lift people up.

Accordingly, there will be no negotiation about rates. What would the Alliance gain by negotiating? They want you to have big money because they want you to do big things with it.

Remember, these RA interviewers are NOT bankers. They are Alliance representatives. If you have a true humanitarian heart and you have a big plan well thought out and presented, they’ll happily give you what you ask for. So, think big and ask big!

Makes me wonder what the “gurus'” motivations are when they tell us we’ll get measly few million for our Zim when our projects will require hundreds of times more than that. As you read what the “gurus” say about the Zim and HP, just ask yourself if their statements are consistent with the purpose and goal of the Alliance. Which is to bring peace and prosperity to all the people of world by eliminating poverty, hunger, illness, unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues, and so on.

The Alliance have pure humanitarian hearts themselves, which is why, for example, the Chinese Elders have been stockpiling gold for hundreds of years (if not longer) for this time when evil and corruption will be defeated. They’re not trying to horde it or keep it to themselves. That sounds like a banker motivation, not an Enlightened One’s motivation.

Also, no bank fee. No taxes. You get all the money the Alliance representative gives you. It’s sacred money for you to use for yourself to live life to the fullest while maximizing the blessings you can bring to many, many other people. So, you won’t need any leverage. Again, no negotiation for Zim redemption. Just an exciting discussion of what you want to do. By the way, you won’t be given a list of HP to choose from either. You have to develop your own plan. So, give it a lot of thought. Think big. Believe you can accomplish huge projects. And know that you’ll never run out of money no matter what they give you.

One last thought about Ron Giles: He knows what the Zim and the HP are about as far as the Alliance’s position is concerned. He has no worries about not getting what he asks for (and neither do I, for that matter). If you’d like to better understand why I say that, check out his website and read his blog posts: As far as I’m concerned, he’s the master of the HP, which means he’s about the only one I refer to about this.

Hope this all makes sense. If I were you, I’d quickly forget everything you’ve read about the RV and Zim redemption from the RV “gurus” and study what Ron says about it. Then you can make up your mind from a more accurate perspective. And, if what Ron says doesn’t resonate with you, I would suggest you’re not a true humanitarian, and you can forget the whole thing.






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