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The OPEC basket declines and records nearly 105 dollars

The prices of the OPEC oil basket fell, on Monday, to record nearly 105 dollars per barrel.

And the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries stated in a report seen by Shafak News Agency, that “the price of the OPEC basket of thirteen barrels of crude recorded 104.90 dollars per barrel,” noting that “the price fell from the previous day by 2.84 dollars, or 2.64 percent, after recording 110.74 dollars. “.

Oil prices fell on Sunday after the United States announced that it would release one million barrels per day from its strategic reserves for a period of 6 months.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reference basket consists of the following: Sahara Blend (Algeria), Girasole (Angola), Djeno (Congo), Zafiro (Equatorial Guinea), Rabie Lite (Gabon), Heavy Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran) Basra Al Khafeef (Iraq), Kuwait Export (Kuwait), Es Sidr (Libya), Pune Light (Nigeria), Arab Light (Saudi Arabia), Murban (UAE) and Miri (Venezuela).  link

The former prime minister presents visions in the context of “breaking the political blockage”

Former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi presented several scenarios, which he described as “perceptions to break the political blockage.”

In a post on the social networking site “Facebook”, Abdul-Mahdi said, “In front of the position of (the coalition) and the reaction of (the framework), the road is still closed, so what are the options? Are there visions of resolving the situation?”

Perceptions of political blockage

May your fasting be accepted, and may our people, country and nation be well and victorious every year. We pray for relief for our people in Yemen and Palestine especially, and to remove this cloud from this nation.

In front of the ‘alliance’ stance and ‘ frames’ reaction, the road is still closed. So what are the options? And are there any perceptions about the scenario?

1- You can let things take their way. The rapid external developments over the coming days and weeks may impose new options, opening horizons for better understanding.

2- But betting on this is not enough, and there must be no conception to bridge between the national majority demand for the “triple alliance” and the “biggest block” for the “frame”, to solve the crisis. And this is one of the images:

Inviting all the majority of the population to a meeting outside the parliamentary meetings (e.g. 2006 and the election of Mr. Al-Jafari vs. Mr. Abdel-Mahdi), ensures attendance (150-160 MPs) and more, supporters, opposition and independent. Despite some “conspiracy”, there are no constitutional, executive, political or psychological barriers. Respectable meetings were held for leaders, officials, representatives of “frames” and “tiar” and “independence”.

Presidency nominees are being proposed. If more than two go forward, the first round will be organised to pick two winners, followed by another to pick the candidate for the block. The “frame” fulfills its demand, and the “stream” will ensure its demand, and strengthens it with a point (4).

3- When necessary, other components follow the same or similar mechanism according to their conditions and balance. Example 2014 and the election of Mr. Masoum vs. Mr. Saleh.

4- Opponents of different components announce the “National Minority” block, against ensuring the provision of some supplies and conditions, such as: 1- Agreement on an internal system. 2- Electing a president to represent. 3- It does not require that all opponents join the block, but those who do not join may not enjoy all their rights. 4- To have the opposition – for example – vice president of all parliament committees and a third of the committee members, at least.

5- The deputy has the right to be in more than a committee.

6- The Deputy Chairman of the Committee has the right to meet the specialized minister at least once a month, and when necessary. And to receive reports and questions from ministries and organizations for their activities, contracts, appointments, etc. to provide supervision and legislation supplies.

7- For the better performance of supervision and legislation, the presidency of the block has the right to meet the heads of the executive and judicial authorities at least once a month, and when necessary.

8- That the presidency of the block meet with the presidency of the House of Representatives and the presidency of the majority block at least once a month, and when it is necessary to coordinate the work of the legislative authority in principle.

9- The members of the block enjoy all the protections and facilities from governmental circles and our foreign representatives to perform their work.

10- According to its regime, the bloc meets in a roundabout and makes its decisions as a “superior and alternative government”. The responsibilities, hostages, and interrogations run individually—or with a majority—in principle.

11- To satisfy her visions and decisions that she can use an agreed number, from experts and advisors from inside and outside the state, and the House of Representatives bear their expenses in principle.

12- The possibility of transition between the majority and minority blocks. And there is no “original” mechanisms for what the “majority” change may follow, on the scale of both legislative and executive authorities.

5- The transitional majority of the national prosecutor can organize themselves according to an internal system that includes the ministerial curriculum, the methods of making their decisions, the disputes between their wings, and the methods of working within the House of Representatives and the rest of the authorities.

6- Within the framework of the “national majority”, and after the agreement on the ministerial curriculum, the other party has – when choosing a “tiar” or “frame” candidate for the prime ministerial presidency – the right to ministries, or sites and balances in order to prevent unification and marginalization. And the rest of the Presidents. It is also in the committees of the House of Representatives, municipalities, provinces, etc.

7- If the majority and the minority have their positions and syllabus with two large slaughterhouses, and some of them want to stay outside, they must be given legal and non-project roles, to practice the roles of moisture or resolution according to the circumstances. According to the principle of neither harm nor harm, they shall not be suffocated nor be disturbed. The aim of the political and election process is to reach the reach of the ruling leader Rashid and an action that serves the people and the country.

8- These are personal perceptions that I have never consulted with any of the competing forces. And she doesn’t represent a perfect solution. The example will require a sound law for parties and elections, to decide the voters first “bigger group” and “alternative government”, not to be left to the further negotiations and interruptions, as it has happened and will happen.

Adel Abdul Mahdi

3/4/2022  link

Al-Zamili: The opportunity is favorable for Australian companies to invest in Iraq

The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hakim Al-Zamili, received, on Sunday, in his office, the Australian Ambassador in Baghdad, “Paula Elizabeth Kanley”, to discuss bilateral relations, enhance cooperation between the two countries, and discuss the latest developments on the local scene.

Al-Zamili said in a statement received by Mawazine News, a copy of it: “We are determined to find an effective strategy to achieve sustainable development for our country, through the development of the agricultural and industrial sectors, and to attract sound investment companies,” stressing that the opportunity is favorable for Australian companies to invest inside Iraq.  link

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