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Samson » April 4th, 2022

The Kremlin: The decision to price Russian gas in rubles was not made in order to “discipline” the West

3rd April, 2022

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that the decision to price Russian gas in rubles was not taken in order todiscipline” the West, but rather in the interest of Russia not to lose dollars and euros due to Western sanctions

Peskov said that Western countries will pay for the Russian gas supplied to them in euros, as stipulated in the agreements concluded between them and Moscow, but the seller, the Russian “Gazprom”, will receive the final payments in the Russian currency after buying rubles against the euro

Peskov expressed his full conviction that the aforementioned principle will be applied to other groups of goods that Russia exports to foreign countries, which will lead to an expansion of the role of this system in Russia’s trade relations with the rest of the world

The Kremlin spokesman agreed that the goal of Moscow’s move to pricing Russian gas in rubles is to secure Russian trade and not to “discipline” countries, explaining that it was Russian President Vladimir Putin who proposed the idea of creating a mechanism to protect against risks to the national reserves of dollars and euros, on the background to the growing decline in confidence in the reserve currencies, “so that no one will try to rob us again   LINK

Economist: The Possibility Of Re-Linking Banknotes To The Gold Standard

4th April, 2022

The economist, Pavel Segal, indicated that the possibility of re-linking paper currencies to the gold standard is being discussed more and more in the world, pointing out that there are positive and negative aspects of this step.

“The rise in the volume of unsupported currencies in the world over the past years has prompted traditional economists to start thinking about the world’s return to the gold standard,” Segal, CEO of Opera Russia, said in an interview with RIA Novosti news agency.

The veteran economist pointed out that gold prices do not show large fluctuations like what happens to most currencies in the world and stock markets, and that the precious metal helps fight inflation, but he noted that the adoption of the gold standard opens the way for rapid devaluations and revaluation of currencies, which it prompted the world at one time to give up on the thought of this move.

Prior to that, the economist, Peter Schiff, expected that gold would resume its role again in the global monetary system, in light of the economic crisis the world is witnessing.

The expert expected a rise in precious metals prices in the near future, and said that “while the world is dealing with the Corona crisis, gold and silver prices are witnessing an increase, there are big movements in gold and silver coming.”

The economist advised everyone to stay away from the dollar before it was too late, and said that “the yellow metal will resume its role in the global monetary system, as the world will return to the gold standard.”

Gold is a safe haven in times of nervousness and volatility, and after the outbreak of the Corona crisis, the prices of the precious metal rose significantly, and today the yellow metal is trading at the level of 1923 dollars per ounce. LINK

The Federal Court rejects the lawsuit filed regarding raising the dollar exchange rate

4th April, 2022

The Federal Supreme Court rejected the case for re-exchange of the US dollar in relation to the Iraqi dinar to its predecessor, at the amount of (120) thousand Iraqi dinars for every 100 US dollars.

On the 14th of last March, the court decided to postpone the lawsuit regarding raising the dollar exchange rate to the fourth of April {today}.  LINK

The sixth of April… will it be the date of the constitutional vacuum or the last moments?

4th April, 2022

Legal experts told (Iraq Today) that “the country will not fall into the constitutional vacuum, and extraneous procedures will not be followed, as promoted by some websites and media.”

They stressed that “the constitutional deadline that was made available to elect the President of the Republic, did not include a vision or procedures resulting from the failure to implement them, so the next step will only be within a constitutional path, especially since the current Iraqi government continues to conduct daily business, and performs its tasks legally, and there is no Any violation of its legitimacy.”

They pointed out that “clear attempts are being made by some parties for the purpose of getting Iraq out of its constitutional path, and inserting it into other unknown regions, but that will not happen as long as there are legitimate and constitutional bodies and institutions working non-stop.”

Negotiations continue

In the context of the latest, according to sources, “the discussions in which the coordination framework will be initiated through committees and experts, will include all political forces, including the Sadrist bloc, albeit informally, in line with the tweet of the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr, in which he ruled out discussions with the bloc.” bra; Because the coordinating framework, based on its national responsibility, sees negotiations with the Sadrists as the real key to resolving the current crisis; Because there are no major intersections between the two parties.”

With regard to the position of al-Sadr’s allies, the Sunni “Sovereignty” coalition and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the informed sources confirmed that “the talks are continuing with them, and have not stopped, because everyone has come to realize that consensus is the real solution, even though the ball with regard to the position of the President of the Republic is In the court of the two Kurdish parties, if they agreed on one candidate, all differences would be overcome, and the constitutional terms would not be violated.  LINK

Expert: A legal necessity requires the government to send the budget

4th April, 2022

The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed today, Monday, that “the economic necessity requires the government to send the budget law to the House of Representatives.”

Al-Tamimi said, in a statement to “Mawazine News”, that “any issue related to security is one of the government’s priorities, and that economic security is one of the necessities, so it is imperative for the government to go in any direction to help the economic situation, especially with regard to food security and the budget.”

He added, “There is no legal harm in sending the budget, and that it is under the name of force majeure law.”     LINK

Can the Caretaker Government send the Budget Law with the authorization of Parliament ? .. Legal answers

3rd April, 2022

Sunday, legal expert Adnan Al-Sharifi revealed the extent to which the caretaker government is able to send the general budget law with a mandate from the House of Representatives before the end of its first legislative term.

Al-Sharifi said in a statement to the “National News Center” that “the caretaker government has the right to raise the draft budget law because it is a daily caretaker government,” noting that it is “the budget law to facilitate the daily life of citizens.”

He added that “the draft budget is not considered a government decision that is implemented immediately after its issuance, so that the validity of the draft law is overridden,” noting that “the final word in it will be to the House of Representatives. Federal for 2022.

And he indicated that “Parliament is obligated to legislate the budget law, which is one of its tasks before ending the legislative term,” explaining that “there is no constitutional violation of Parliament not enacting this law.”

And he continued, “There is a moral violation and there is a swearing in the oath because the members of the House of Representatives took the oath to perform the tasks with honesty and impartiality, and to be keen on the interest of the country and the citizen.    LINK

Clare » April 4th, 2022





BearCinnebar » April 4th, 2022

KTFA says thank you to Clare & Petra / Admins for bringing to the light the picture with the Budget Law and “force majeure law” IMO.  

Force majeure (lit. superior force, with the sense of overwhelming force, from French[1][2]) is a common clause in contracts which essentially frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties that prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract.


Samson » April 4th, 2022

Lawyers and observers propose an extension of the Al-Kazemi government for a year to pass the budget, complete the dues, and overcome the political blockage

3rd April, 2022

Iraqi legal and observers have said that the continuation of disrupting the work of the state and harming the interests of society is unfortunate, and it must be stopped immediately, and the effective parliamentary forces should reduce the differences, and go towards a compromise.

It is to go to renew the assignment of the Al-Kazemi government for an additional year, and to enable it to complete the necessary and urgent entitlements of the Iraqi street, especially the general budget law, as well as to complete the strategic projects that it contracted for, and to push forward with very necessary bills and legislation, the absence of which may clearly harm the interests of the Iraqi state.

The legal expert, Faisal Al-Hashemi, said, “Working to extend the life of this government may seem logical in light of the crisis of confidence experienced by the forces of the current parliament, and the emergence of the blocking third of the project to pass the presidential candidate, as well as the state of tension experienced by all political forces, which means that the crisis may not end in the near future” and inflicting great harm on the segment of employees, unemployed graduates and others..

He pointed out that “the solution may be by granting the current government confidence temporarily until a national agreement is completed on forming another government, or organizing early parliamentary elections in the event that the failure of the political forces to resolve the stifling political crisis.

While the economic observer, Majid Al-Salem, said that “disrupting the budget law is tantamount to breaking the pillar of the national economy, as well as a deliberate waste of the desired and hoped-for development and construction opportunities. Rather, it is a clear stray in which the state is placed, leading to innumerable damage.”

He added that “working to organize this matter, and to go towards legislating the electoral law, requires, as legal experts say, the existence of a government with full powers, and this means that the government must gain political legitimacy from the Parliament, which we believe is responsible for disrupting this law, especially since the second half of the year has begun and a budget has not been approved that guarantees people’s interests, and organizes exchange and development operations responsibly.”

Al-Salem suggested that “Al-Kazemi’s government is given the opportunity to complete this draft law and other laws, by voting on them within the House of Representatives, and pushing it to approve a set of financial and economic legislation to be approved in the parliament, and these will contribute to the stability of the Iraqi street, and then the forces can the political party must proceed with extensive negotiations if it wants to form a subsequent government.”

The Observer of Political Affairs, Ahmed Abbas Madi, commented on the idea of granting the current government temporary legitimacy, as “part of the possible solutions, to overcome the crisis of disruption and formation, which have become climates affecting the social and economic realities of the country, and have become a method by which the simple citizen is harmed.”

He pointed out that “the current government enjoys a clear degree of acceptability and reliability from most political parties and the street, and giving it the opportunity to complete some legislation may seem a possible solution to overcoming the current political impasse.”  

Clare » April 4th, 2022



Suzie » April 4th, 2022

This solution, albeit temporary, is a good one as it solves some major issues at hand along with satisfying the wants/needs of the Iraqi people (and us).  The only negativity that anyone could throw out there is if once more they have the “solution” before them and they don’t ACT on it and we all know by now what they’re famous for so let’s hope for once they can do the right thing for themselves and all.  Just my thought! 

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