“Re: Can you Provide Clarity and Proof?” by Grace – 8.3.22


Entry Submitted by Grace at 5:12 PM ET on August 3, 2022

“Can you Provide Clarity and Proof?” by Dinarwiseman – 8.2.22

Dear Dinarwiseman;

I agree with you, there are so many unfounded rumors (lies) being perpetrated upon our Community – it’s a jungle!

Which is exactly why, a little over 4 years ago – I began sharing my observations of real-world events actually occurring during this massive Paradigm Shift on our planet – aka ‘The Battle of ALL Time’ in a podcast which is regularly posted right here on this platform!
(Thank you, Patrick)

You see, it all started a little over a decade ago when I first realized the huge arbitrage opportunity available with certain foreign currency during this very much needed Global Reset – which is actually insisted on by the majority of the world and spearheaded by BRICS since 2009 when the BIS also simultaneously issued the order for countries to take inventory of their actual assets when they issued their Basel III mandate.

Because of my professional experience as a commercial lender to private business, I had a few close banker friends whom I clued in about this unique opportunity – and they responded in turn by sharing information they’d heard which related to this event (intel) that was always uplifting and exciting!

The only thing was, time would pass – and nothing ever came to fruition as had been expected. Sometimes there’d be an excuse offered as to “why” – but usually not, and I quickly learned to keep this ‘intel’ from my banker friends to myself!


A couple of years went by, and finally back in the fall of 2013 there was what was called “The Friends and Family early-exchange SKR program” which I soon discovered was actually a major Sting Operation!

You might remember a rash of people leaving banking, and even “life” as many around the world committed ‘suicide’ (assisted?) back then.
This is all well documented, as is everything else that I choose to talk about as I’m a person who’s usually always been tasked with caring for others – usually in a fiduciary capacity.

Well, when I learned about what was going on – with this Sting Operation playing out and my banker friends simply repeating lies they’d been told…I stopped paying attention to them and simply continued on following the money as I always had and looking for progress in the real-world global geopolitical and financial arena!

I used to share the news in a limited fashion through social media and then eventually I started the conference call which continues to this day.

We do cover a LOT of subjects on my podcast which might seem foreign or “controversial” to many people since I have unusual experience and intuitive lifelong knowledge about several important areas of life. For instance, long before – but ever since my voice became public…I have been warning about the dangers of using “health care” and how those who do will not only shorten their own lives but also maim themselves in the process and how ‘health care’ is no more for anyone’s good health than The Patriot Act benefit’s patriots.

Four+ years ago, this sounded ridiculous to many people I suppose….but now of course its become obvious to most as this takedown of BigPharma over this sloppy scamdemic they’ve perpetrated upon the whole world which ironically points toward a longtime lament from the Fake Science practitioners who were “never able to cure the common cold” – well now as the horrendous Reality of this overt medical extermination becomes common knowledge….do you think there will be anyone on Earth who will ever “trust the science” ever again?

I’m also very outspoken about the institutions which have rendered so many good people’s minds useless – as they’ve had their critical thinking abilities eradicated with “schooling” and their own personal abilities to have direct contact with Source disconnected with ‘religion’ – just to name a couple.


Those suffering from misguided judgment will find my calls unappealing, and me quite offensive. Funny thing is, when I came up with the name of

‘Grace with Glory, from Chicago’ – I didn’t realize that many would interpret that as “religious”

I can see now how they might, but sadly – nothing could be further from the truth.

Those who are like you Dinarwiseman, that want to see proof-positive that we’re making progress in the liberation of Humanity from the #1 tool of human enslavement which is fiat money – as we are living in one big Ponzi Scheme currently being dismantled around the world – can hear about that with the evidence provided at least weekly on our podcast and inbetween on social media and impromptu calls. we don’t deal with “rumors” and everything you hear is verifiable. In fact, you usually always get to hear it straight from ‘the horse’s mouth’ with your own ears from world-renowned experts segued into our broadcasts.

Also over the time we’ve been together, I’ve had the great honor to be able to interview live guests such as Wayne Jett, Richard Proctor, Clayton Nolte, G. Edward Griffin and more!  Listeners who understand about “money” and know that they’re slaves already do much better with our call, than those who’ve allowed EGO to delude them or maybe haven’t bothered educating themselves about the most basic thing controlling everyone on this planet.

Anyway,  THEN it HAPPENED –

We’ve all been very relieved to see the 1st domino fall in such a stunning and very public way when Russia asset-backed their ruble on March 29th of this year!

We celebrated this event on our call, because it has marked a point of no return and is of course what all countries will eventually do (yeah, those claims of “all the gold backed countries right now” are just more lies too – unfortunately) as everyone naturally and organically chooses value over paper. Assets may include gold, but are in no way limited to just gold. That wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever, and most people have no idea the vast amount of gold actually already mined on our planet – as it’s not part of “the official record” and is held on a second set of books just like most businesses always tend to do.

It’s a REALLY HUGE EVENT that’s happened, and I memorialized it with this meme – you might have seen it?

And, I’m sure that you’ve heard all about this from many various sources – since then?


So, Dinarwiseman…I can assure you that you are most definitely in a good position if you’re hedged and ready for this Reset. I really wouldn’t torture myself hanging on the words of followers who don’t realize that they’re being lied to. Like I said, I know how that feels and sometimes even wonder if they’re being used to create loosh from energetically powerful people who play along and keep “waiting” – the universe is happy to comply and there are certainly ‘2, or more’

If you’d like to join us and actually witness the Greatest Event in the History of the World unfold, and for the mass genocide to finally end as Humanity is Liberated by the Revelations made and the TRUTH Sets them Free – feel free to tune in to our calls, posted RIGHT HERE on Dinar Chronicles every week or you can dial in and join us LIVE any Sunday at 4pm, est @ 717-908-1834 pin code 984113#



PS – Did you know that there is a plan by the majority of the countries in the world (160+) who have all agreed that at a set date/time – they will simultaneously reject our US dollar for trade and completely eliminate their “reserves” of our US dollar?

Can you imagine what’s going to happen to the value of our dollar at that point, or as those last containers are emptied with no more to follow?

For the longest time, I’ve been urging everyone to be aware that this day was coming and to make sure that they’re “stocked up” for a good long while – especially on things with chips in them.

Picture what it will be like when the banks all declare “Force Majeure’ and the ATM cards don’t work – here and around the world. Just as forests have to burn for new growth, the rot of phony fiat and odious debt must also.

The Reset I speak of has been in the works for at least 15 years that I’m aware, and most likely longer.

The WEF and its nonsensical members of the luciferian cabal have created their own vision for one and shared it publicly 18mos ago when they entitled their 2021 annual January meeting in Davos, Switzerland ‘The Great Reset’ – this way it can sound like their idea should they still be here to see it….AND they might even get their way for a minute – that depends on people like you Dinarwiseman and the collective consciousness of the masses as this plays out.



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