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There Are Many Different Ways To Implement New International Digital Currency System

There are more than 1 way to have new international digital currency system that can accept by the people and authority.

But the must compulsory condition is that the new digital currency must be stable and have little to no change in value in long time.

And those condition can only be archive when:
– There are endless supply of new digital currency on the market. Plus 1 out 2 condition below:

+ The big businesses, big tech company must set the standard value of that new digital currency from that beginning such as 1 digital bit = 1 USD or digital bit = 1 Euro.

+ The official exchange partner set the standard price and all the buyers sellers will must accept a same value that link the stable fiat money paper or the average of top high value currencies on the market.

Another issue and conflict is do they want and allow money laundering or not. If do not fear of any money laundering, then all each new digital currency account can send money to each others so only able to use the digital currency to buy direct good product services, while if not then do not allow them send digital money to other account.

The easiest way to have a new international digital currency system is:
– All big tech giants companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Sony, come together to build a system then use it like a new alternative payment.
– The system could have 100 trillion digital bit, and each 1 big equal 1 USD.
– All those companies will from now accept 1 digital bit = 1 US dollar in all transaction.
– The reason is they want to avoid middle man the bank card companies, so the people able to receive better rate, saving more money in that chaos inflation society.

Some discount such as 5% to 10% for whoever pay with the new digital bit currency.

But how the people from all nations can obtain those new digital bit currency? The company in the USA, and you have customers from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Germany, India, etc. who can only using credit debit card to buy goods products services.

The answer is via local banking transfer. But since it is very complex to build and setup 1000+ different bank account in all nations and manage it, so the only solution is give free digital bit all to all the public people in all nations, then let them sell it to whoever need.

The alternative is seeking local company partners and give them free certain amount of new digital bit currency with some contract. But this is a risky because they can get away and steal the new digital bit currency due to high value.

So the best way is giving new digital bit currency to the whole public people.

But the question is who to deserve to receive it, and based on what metric? Given the ignorance of the whole public people, then almost nobody deserve unless you give them real life test. But the time is running out, do not have time for any kind of test.

So the only way left is allow people using old out-of-circulation bank notes to exchange for the new digital bit currency such Zimbabwe ZWR, Yugoslavia Dinar, Iraq Dinar, etc.

How to collect ? Either via local office in each city/nation or via online internet with either via video real picture capture.
To avoid chaos and potential conflict, then via short videos are the best way.

But what is the rate then? Depend on how many new digital bit currency they want to issue, 100 trillion or 1000 trillion or more.

The rate could be delete/remove 6, 7, 8 or 9 zeroes, or random 4 options or can do first come first serve like first 10 trillion will remove 6 zeroes, next 20 trillion will remove 7 zeroes, next 70 trillion will remove 8 zeroes, etc.

The reason for many trillion digital bit is because many people can buy it for saving or storing.

Beside those tech giant company way, another way is having a new company who issue new digital currency then get public support via the authority, group of national governments.

The technology is vary can either private or public or mixed, does not matter at all because the major public people only care about money.

Remember the only way for any new digital currency to work and get accepted by the public people is a stable value. But in order to get accepted by national government then the option of avoid money laundering must be put on the table.

The roll out of be the first version of digital currency only have new feature of set standard fixed price, the second version new digital currency will have standard rules of sending, receiving money between each account/users, etc.

And in order to make it get accepted by certain top secret controllers beyond mortal humans, then the key is giveaway the new digital bit currency to the public in correct manner and no any entity able to control the system so it must be group of companies or group of governments.

If any companies or any group want to work with me on that kind of project, you guys better contact me as soon as possible while I am still online.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair




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