“Wars will End When Zimbabwe Holders Become Real Millionaires” by Mid Mess Fair – 8.15.22


Entry Submitted by Mid Mess Fair at 5:04 AM ET on August 15, 2022

The Wars Will End Only When Zimbabwe ZWR Holders Become Real Millionaires

All kind of current wars about COVID pandemic, physical weapon CIS wars between nations are pointless and mostly about the current world economic financial system.

There is no reason to use USD, Euro, Yen, GBP, etc. for any international trading at all.

Why don’t use the new digital bit currency that have stable value link to real fiat money papers.

When a company in the US sell goods to the Japan, there are too much fees involve such as exchange rate, merchant fee, bank card fees (totally often 5 to 10% from both sellers, buyers).

If both buyers sellers can use a new digital currency system then they would save all of those fees.

But in order to make it work, then the new digital bit currency must distribute to the whole world in the most epic way so make sure there are endless but limited supply in the market.

Thus, the only way to get is done is exchange all old out of circulation bank notes especially the Zimbabwe ZWR trillions series for the new digital bit currency.

How many people will receive that blessing?

I don’t have correct number, but based on the series then the total number of person is less than 10,000,000 people.

There are about 8 billion people in the world now, so only around 0.1% will receive the blessing at the maximum.

By having a fixed exchange rate such as 1 digital bit = 1 USD or 1 Euro, thus no matter how much digital bit you are holding, they are the same.

There are no room for investor but only real buyers who need.

But the most suitable one is using the average number of top 5 most popular currencies on the market at the moment:

1 USD = 0.97 Euro = 0.82 GBP = 1.28 CAD = 1.41 AUD .

So 1 new digital bit currency will be equal 1.096 Digital Bit Dollar/Money, then 1.096 digital bit dollar equal 1 USD, if you want some fun, fair way.

Thus, the new digital bit currency will be virtually backed by 5 nations Canada, Australia, United State, United Kingdom, Eurozone, but only in theory.

It can be used for all kind of international trading between nations as well.

But it should only begin in the online digital world first to do not shock and crash the whole society system.

Then depend on the situation, the next strategy/policy will be used.

It is depending on the “humor” of mortal humans controllers, it can be done from group of big tech companies or group of nations and/or a completely new company.

But based on the current world situation, then the big tech companies should take the lead to make “common sense” logic way.

It would takes less than 30 days to design the whole system, implement and announce it to the public people.

Each big tech company will hold 1 node/key, then every transaction will required all nodes from all companies are up. That is the best way in term of technology.

Short video for old bank notes holders should be the requirement to all exchangers.

The lord of war are angry because the rich money people are do not giveaway their wealth to the people who are truly deserve like me.

Frankly without me, this world would collapse already !

So you guys better make big donation to me right now if you want to survive.

The magic of the unseen spiritual world is beyond any beings can understand and comprehend !

Best Regard,

Mid Mess Fair

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